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Slacker Spice
24 January 1989

Slacker Spice
Who I am
My name is Marie, a.k.a. Slacker Spice, or slackerspice. Typically, I use this journal for posting random thoughts, but I've also recently started posting things I've written, mostly fan fiction.
What I Write
Typically, the stuff I write takes place in the dæmon-verse, a world where magic, monsters, and all the rest are real, and where worlds can and will collide in extremely strange ways. However, I will occasionally write for other fandoms, since they all cross paths eventually...
Fandoms I Write
I write: Clue, Back to the Future, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Shadow, and Real People - sort of...
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My journal is also the occasional home of my muses. Here they are, sorted by the world they come from:
DV-Tim - Tim Curry in the dæmon-verse - an actor moonlighting as a vampire/monster/whatever hunter.
DV-Chris - Christopher Lloyd in the dæmon-verse - Human-turned-dæmon, one of Tim's closest friends and allies.
Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins - Vengeance demon-turned-human-turned-vengeance demon-turned-human-turned-dæmon, works alongside Tim
Veeken - An ordinary girl who got sucked into the dæmon-verse
CC-Farley: Farley Claymore from a version of the dæmon-verse where the world of the Shadow is just a small part of it. Turned during the whole debacle with Shiwan.
Back to the Future:
"Doc" Dr. Emmett L. Brown - Human-turned-dæmon of the trilogy Doc; Turned some time during the ten years that he and Marty were apart.
Marty McFly - Friend to Doc, appears occasionally
Wadsworth - Former FBI agent, currently works for/with Veeken and co.
Dr. James Everett Brown, a.k.a. Professor Plum (James) - Doc's non-canon younger brother, human-turned-dæmon, was turned earlier so he looks younger, works for/with Veeken and co.
Andrea Delaney, a.k.a. Ms. Scarlet - Former madame, works alongside Wadsworth et all, James' girlfriend.
Lillian Delacroix, a.k.a. Mrs. White - Five-time widow, works alongside Wadsworth et all, Wadsworth's sort-of girlfriend.
Rocky Horror Picture Show:
Frank - Clone of the original, thankfully not so sex-crazed.
Janet Weiss - Semi-girlfriend of Frank the clone.
The Shadow:
Farley Claymore - The first Farley I wrote. Currently lives and works with Veeken and co.
BtR-Farley: Farley Claymore in Beyond the Rift. Accidentally crossed when he went to hide from the Shadow, the Rift gave him the ability to communicate telepathically with people he knows, "read" what a person is thinking and feeling at the moment, precognitive dreams, and intelligence "spikes".
TotU-Farley - "Tale of the Used" Farley. Potential Channeler - went into a coma for a year after being tricked into running through a third story window by the Shadow, woke up when his powers surfaced.
Lamont Cranston, a.k.a. the Shadow - Super-powered vigilante, occasional ally/rival to Farley.
Margo Lane - Daughter of Reinhardt Lane, the man Farley had been working for when Shiwan came on the scene.
Alexander Claymore - Original character; Uncle of Farley.

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