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Aug. 23rd, 2011 06:00 am (UTC)
18 - summer love

"So, I was wondering-" Jen froze, letting the door shut.

"Yes?" Farley glanced over his wireframes, closing the fifth-hand copy of Twain.

"You're looking as bored as I feel, aren't ya? Got a name to go with those pretty green eyes?"

"Uhm, Farley. Farley Claymore."

She pushed away memories of quaking smooth flesh and promises to see him back by morning.

"Is that your college book?!"

"Yeah, Aldridge wants this paper in by the end of the week, or there'll be hell to pay..."

She lifted the glasses from his nose, familiar green eyes warming as she did. "Oh, really?"
Aug. 23rd, 2011 11:12 pm (UTC)
19 - itch

Some nights were just insane - too worked up to sleep, the magic cold fire in his flesh, but so wiped out he could barely move.

Meditation worked to a point, made it easier to drift off at night. Sometimes.

Then Jenna stepped in, showed him how to channel the energy into the wards, down into the earth, or to those who needed it.

Afterwards, they lay together, chatting about this and that - people they'd known, things they'd seen, or even just what they did that day - until Farley, now relaxed, curled up against her and fell asleep.
Aug. 24th, 2011 02:01 am (UTC)
20 - adventure

Every child at one point or another has dreamt of excitement - dragons, magic, princesses (or princes), everything but the pumpkin chariot.

But as you got older, you realized that dreams rarely matched the truth. People got hurt, or died (if they were lucky), and sometimes the cost of victory was too dear to pay.

Not to mention the paperwork.

Bill paused, at a loss for words. Every time pen touched paper, he remembered Eleanor cradling her mother's body.

He raised a hand to the scar that traced over his collarbone. Perhaps he needed to pay her a short visit...
Aug. 24th, 2011 05:44 am (UTC)
21 - fan

"She loves you, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah..."

"Y'know, they're pretty good," Jack said quietly.

"Well, the girls certainly like them..." Ryan nodded up towards the television, where they sat, focused on the television. Only minutes before, they'd been cheering up a storm, only clamming up when the boys started to play. As the song ended, they started in again about which of the four was the cutest (Abby defending Ringo against all comers.)

Jack chuckled to himself, and settled in to watch. The girls went quiet as the Fab Four began to play.

"Well, she was just seventeen/If you know what I mean..."
Aug. 24th, 2011 06:56 am (UTC)
22 - neighbor

"It's... empty?"

"Yeah..." Barb spoke quietly, her usual twang almost gone. "Couple a' people have started sayin' the place's haunted, but that's just nonsense. Not goin' anywhere, though - someone's been tellin' everyone who sets foot here 'bout what happened." She turned back to him, expectantly. "Think you might...?"

He shook his head. The old apartment wasn't haunted - at least not the boo-shouting-chain-rattling variety - but he might never step foot inside without remembering the smell of blood and cordite.

He sighed. "Not yet."

Barb nodded, grim understanding lining her face, then gently pulled him close.

"Welcome home, Billy."
Aug. 24th, 2011 06:05 pm (UTC)
24 - nap

Someone was shaking him, pulling his mind up from the depths. It took him a few seconds to peel his eyelids open, but-

Green eyes, deep freckles, a smile that could turn hordes or make a newborn baby giggle.


"Do you think I made a mistake?" Lamont carefully peered into the room, not daring to risk more. Even knowing what her nephew had done, she'd made it clear what would happen if he even looked at him funny.

And yet...

Suddenly, Farley sat up, and Ms. Cassidy laughed in surprise at the hug.

Jenna smiled. "They'll be just fine..."
Aug. 24th, 2011 07:30 pm (UTC)
25 - lotion

The pump moved slowly, slipping another dollop of goo (reeking of something those Sacred Ox wannabes would burn) into his hand.

He moved slowly, rubbing it into the gradually fading scar.

Whatever Talbot had them put in, the stuff worked like a charm. The old wound had stung like a fresh sunburn - he'd expected steam to rise from the goop - but faded quickly as he worked.

He washed his hands, then sat back to let the balm settle in. He'd replace the bandage, then find out what happened to those Veiled, but first - sleep.

About damned time...
Aug. 24th, 2011 10:16 pm (UTC)
27 - party

Around the edges of the ballroom, some men and women sat in pairs or alone, smoking, drinking, whatever. They looked bored, but anyone could tell it was a show for their "friends". For one, though...


"Not really." Lamont gave the menu a bored once over. "You missed Uncle Wainwright earlier."

"Pity." Farley smirked. "What did he have to say?"

"The usual - why don't you do something with your time, settle down and raise some kids, stop wasting time with that nutcase Claymore..."

"Used to be 'that lunatic Claymore'." He chuckled. "I think he's finally warming up to me..."
Aug. 24th, 2011 10:35 pm (UTC)
28 - pier

"This is the Sea of Black Tears?" They looked out at the pitch-black mass. "Looks more like the LaBrea Tar Pits on steroids."

"They weren't wrong about this place, though..." Lamont whispered. "You can feel it..."

Farley pulled his jacket tighter. Ever since they'd set foot in here, the cave's very presence - icy grief, agonizing betrayal, and black despair - haunted their steps.

"Yeah, this place has bad vibes coming out of its ass..."

"Can you do something?"

He looked at the crystal, vibrating furiously, then at Lamont, calm even in the face of that overwhelming darkness.

"I'll try."
Aug. 25th, 2011 01:16 am (UTC)
29 - concert

When it came to music, the Crossroads was nothing if not diverse. The clubs and theaters catered to an infinite number of tastes, from rock ballads to whale song, and boasted an equal number of venues, from elaborate concert halls to underground mosh pits.

Above all, though, Bill preferred the outdoor shows - relaxed enough that you could sit or stand wherever you wanted (within reason) and chat between songs, but when the band played, everyone listened.

He sat the cooler down and waved Dani over, then sat back and listened to the band tuning their instruments for the set.
Aug. 25th, 2011 04:50 am (UTC)
30 - drive

"Make it stop beeping." Bill held out his laptop, his expression deadly serious.

"Again?" Dani sighed. "I thought you said you were taking classes for this."

"To make slideshows, use the Internet, that kind of thing! Not..." He gestured with his free hand. "Not this."

"All right..." She started connecting the laptop to the mainframe.

"Sorry about that. I know it's kind of a sore point with you."

"It's not a big deal. I'm not the first baby-boomer to have computer problems, and they're not that vital-"

"Speaking of 'vital', how much do you need your game files?"

"Oh, God."
Aug. 25th, 2011 06:09 am (UTC)
31 - shade

"A baseball bat?"

"Unfortunately, the victim didn't remember much - the guy hit him from behind, and I'm worried that his memory was affected by the injury."

"So then what?" Farley asked. "Search the scene for clues?"

"And talk to the victim again. Even if he didn't see who it was, he might have some ideas about where to start. Then-"

"Back on the night shift?"

"Quite." Lamont sighed. "And here I was hoping for some normal crime..."

"Well, whoever it was, they were clearly-" He pulled out his green-tinted sunglasses, and slid them on. "-out of his league."

Aug. 25th, 2011 07:29 pm (UTC)
32 - watermelon

"Told you that was a bad idea."

"Bite me..." Farley groaned, trying to ignore his churning stomach. "I won, didn't I?"

"Barely." Jenna's hand lingered over his belly. "Never seen grown men vomiting in formation before. Now that's something for the history books."

"Where's Lamont?"

"Laughing himself-"

"Don't say 'sick'. I'm ready to puke as is."

"I was gonna say 'silly.'"

"Of course..."

"I'll let you get some sleep, all right? There's a bucket by your bed if you have, um, problems. When you're feeling better, come find me, okay?"

"Bless you, milady." He belched.

"You're welcome."

"Actually, that helped..."
Aug. 25th, 2011 08:29 pm (UTC)
33 - swim

"I told you, I'm-"

The ground lurched, and Tenenbaum's face blurred and warped.

"Jack, your forehead burns, you can barely stand, and-" She held up a hand. "How many fingers can you see?"

The fingers merged and split too quickly to count.

Ryan nodded. "It's settled, then. Dr. Tenenbaum will stay and keep an eye on you."

"What about the kids?" He suddenly jerked upright. "No! Tenenbaum, you can't just let him-"

"Nein, but we have no choice - you are useless to them sick, less so dead."

"...Dinner's at seven, bed at eight." He sank into the bed. "Ugh..."
Aug. 25th, 2011 10:23 pm (UTC)
35 - sandals

The shoes were definitely handmade, every flaw and asymmetry proof of human skill and human ownership.

Where had these come from? They were too simple for a debauched opium lord, so he must have gotten them while studying with the Tulku.

Farley sat, lost in dreams of jasmine incense, elaborate temples, and stillness so absolute, a pin dropping would be like a gunshot.

Reality settled in, and he looked at the shoes, well-worn but well cared for. It stood to reason that he should do the same.

He turned them over, carefully put them back, and quietly shut the door.

Edited at 2011-08-25 10:24 pm (UTC)
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