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#83 - Green

Inspired by docgirl's drabble Middles...

#83 - Green

"Oh, but don't worry, Batman", the Riddler said, grinning insanely, "I do so enjoy puzzles-"

"Hold it!"

What is it this time, Lamont?

"How the hell did Farley end up being the Riddler?"

Well, he didn't want to be the Joker, 'cause of that whole "dumped in vat of chemicals" thing-

"I sent him through a third story window! Sort of (Given the number of other Farleys running around)..."

After driving him crazy, I know.

"Have you actually seen the Joker, Cranston? That's not make-up he's wearing - he has that crazy grin on all the time. No offense, kiddo, but I like-"

You like being able to not have to smile all the time. I know, Farley.

"Why is he Batman, anyway?"

Well, the Shadow did have some influence in the creation of Batman... Look, can we get on with this?

"All right, all right, sheesh..."

"Might as well. Just one more thing, though."


"Just out of morbid curiosity, is there anything else I should know about?"


"Oh, god, what now, Marie?"

Well, I already had Farley down as the Joker before he insisted on something else, and, well...

"Well what?"



"Good God, is that-?"


"Don't even start, Claymore..."

DV-Tim: Why not?
Well, after the whole "driven crazy and tricked into running through a third story window" thing, I figured the whole "dropped into a vat of chemicals" thing would be a bit overkill.
Farley: Thank God...
It'd make sense, though, considering that you were one of Tim Burton's choices for Batman and Batman: The Animated Series.
DV-Tim: And didn't get either.
Didn't think you were bitter about that.
DV-Tim: Well, I'm not bitter about Batman - Nicholson was good. The cartoon, though... *muttering under his breath* Dark? Oh, I'll give them dark...
And this is why you have several mad scientists on your resume.


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Aug. 14th, 2008 03:41 am (UTC)
*giggle* Characters can be so bitchy. You'll do what we say and like it! :p
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