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#11 - Friends

#11 - Friends

I remember when things used to be different.

Don't look at me like that. Physically, I'm not actually as old as I look, but chronologically... Makes me wonder why I can't just go into hiding and not have to worry about showing my true age around other people. It's not as if there aren't places where I can...

But I digress.

I remember when, if someone just suddenly disappeared, no one noticed, or at least no one seemed to notice. It was usually someone of little or no importance; the bum down the street, the little old lady on the outskirts of town... As far as the rest of the world was concerned, it was just another job opening, just another less human on the earth.

No one tried to find out just what happened, much less wondered how it happened...

Needless to say, things have changed as of late.

Having Tim as a best friend - an actor who moonlighted as a vampire hunter - that was strange.

At least I got used to dealing with the various risks of having him as a friend.

Dealing with my own... "changes", in comparison, was hell.

Especially since Tim didn't know, and didn't find out until '94. I'd almost lost him then, when I decided to tell him.

Some people would consider Tim lucky to have me to keep an eye out for him, especially considering his night job.

Honestly? I'm lucky to have him at my side. I keep him grounded, yes, but he helps me remember that, in a sense, I am still human.

And the way things are going lately?

Trust me - we're gonna need it.

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