July 4th, 2016

Screw canon

I felt a great disturbance in the force...

...as if millions of children's voices suddenly started muttering to themselves, "Can't sleep, Freddy will eat me."

So, we paid a visit to the local Wally-World today to get charcoal for tonight's barbecue, and decided to take a walk around the store for shits and giggles. Just as we were passing by the toy section, I happened to spot an out-of-place box that turned out to be a set of Five Nights at Freddy's vinyl figures.

For funsies, I decided to go scan the box and see how much they cost (didn't get them), and found where they were supposed to be. Along with FNaF Mymojis and plushies based off the little toys you can get in-game. (Did get one of Foxy, incidentally - its name is now Fury.)


Don't get me wrong, I've got no problem with merchandise from this game - definitely seems like it can be merch-central, even if it started out as an indie game.

Just hope parents who buy this stuff know (or find out) that even though the toys can be meant for kids, the games... not so much.