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Charloft Bingo card

present thunder snow niece flu lawn ornament
fairy lights sledding coming of age noisemaker dentist
old packages   Christmas sweater oil
goodwill egg nog closed scarf nostalgia
warm ornaments character's been naughty new Christmas carol

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Jan. 30th, 2011 09:59 pm (UTC)
#1 present - Just In Case

Farley heard Daniel jerk the phone away.

"No - not officially, anyway. Officially, you're taking an extended sabbatical until we can replace the Bastards That Be. No one knows that you were involved with Shiwan, but since he used the very project that you were pushing..."

"I see..."

"If you're allowed to come back, you'll probably be put in a low-profile group, most likely with Dr. Lane."

"Joy..." He wasn't sure if Dr. Lane knew about him, but he wasn't about to risk it, not after leaving him to die, and not with Margo on the watch for future backstabbing.

"If something happens, I'll send Harry with a message. Sorry."


He scowled, not looking at the receiver as he dropped it onto the floor. Seven years, seven goddamn years of working with those bastards, and this was how it ended - a half-assed attempt at rebellion and winding up a bigger pariah than before. Yes, he was finally done with them, and he'd deserved every second, but-

knok knok

The package was simple white cardboard, a blank piece of paper stuck under the twine. As he looked, resisting the urge to shake it, the image of a man in a cloak and slouch hat blurred into view.

The wand, wood and bronzium inlay, sat inert in every sense of the word, but he sensed the channels Daniel had built and reinforced in it. Without missing a beat, he picked the note up again, just in time to catch the words in Lamont's handwriting.

Just in case.

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